Litigation & Opposition

Nony assists its clients in the management of all their litigation relating to intellectual property (trademarks, patents, supplementary protection certificates (SPC), designs ...).

Nony's team includes several European patent attorneys, who regularly defend or attack patents in opposition proceedings in Munich or The Hague.

Nony's experts also assist bailiffs during infringement seizure.

Nony assists its clients in the negotiation and litigation cases, both in France and abroad.

Nony has been working for many years with law firms specialized in intellectual property litigation, to which Nony offers its technical and legal expertise.

our experts ”Litigation & Opposition”

Sabrina Berrebi-Sainteville

Sabrina Berrebi-Sainteville Paris, Lyon, Grenoble

Maïwenn Bonnet

Maïwenn Bonnet Paris, Toulouse, Nantes

Amandine Castel

Amandine Castel Toulouse, Paris, Lyon

Olivier Dagès

Olivier Dagès Grenoble, Lyon, Toulouse

Élisabeth De Battista

Élisabeth De Battista Paris, Lyon, Nantes

Philippe Erieau

Philippe Erieau Paris, Grenoble, Lyon

Hervé Gicquiaux

Hervé Gicquiaux Lyon, Paris, Grenoble

Guillaume Goudeau

Guillaume Goudeau Paris, Lyon, Toulouse

Claude Jupin

Claude Jupin Paris, Grenoble, Lyon

Pascale Le Coupanec

Pascale Le Coupanec Paris, Grenoble, Lyon

Sandrine Limoges

Sandrine Limoges Paris, Nantes, Toulouse

Jérôme Sartorius

Jérôme Sartorius Paris, Lyon, Grenoble

François Tanty

François Tanty Paris, Nantes, Lyon

Marion Tertrais

Marion Tertrais Paris, Nantes, Lyon

Marie-Andrée Vautard

Marie-Andrée Vautard Nice, Paris, Nantes