Nony works for many international clients and research institutions in the field of materials.

Nony has expert engineers, some of them having an industry experience and all with a high level of training.

The team includes 18 specialized engineers, including 8 partners.

our experts ”Materials”

Sabrina Berrebi-Sainteville

Sabrina Berrebi-Sainteville Paris, Lyon, Grenoble

Amandine Castel

Amandine Castel Toulouse, Paris, Lyon

Olivier Dagès

Olivier Dagès Grenoble, Lyon, Toulouse

Élisabeth De Battista

Élisabeth De Battista Paris, Lyon, Nantes

Maxime Enderli

Maxime Enderli Grenoble

Philippe Erieau

Philippe Erieau Paris, Grenoble, Lyon

Henri Guichard

Henri Guichard Grenoble

Pascale Le Coupanec

Pascale Le Coupanec Paris, Grenoble, Lyon

Jérôme Sartorius

Jérôme Sartorius Paris, Lyon, Grenoble

François Tanty

François Tanty Paris, Nantes, Lyon

Marie-Andrée Vautard

Marie-Andrée Vautard Nice, Paris, Nantes

Diyi Xu

Diyi Xu Paris